Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kelly Rowland's 'Commander' video leaks - watch the whole thing now!

Kelly Rowland (pictured above pretending she is Toni Braxton for some reason) is back with a brand new video for 'Commander,' and it is big, bold, cheesy, cheap and a little bit amazing but in an oddly crap way.  It starts with a sort of 80's kitschy-ness, but at the same time has the sugary gloss of a budget Euro-dance clip - you know, the ones that cast lingerie models as 'dancers' and are by bands named things like 'Groove All Star Rave Junkies'.  Then in the middle it goes a bit 'Destiny's Child except with only Kelly' split screen-y and then she jumps through some safety glass and it ends. 

Regardless of the video's relative shortcomings, it certainly ticks all the boxes for what it was meant to do.  For once Kelly looks self-assured and comes off as an actual grown woman in charge of herself and her career.  Just the other day we were at a dinner party and agreed with our friend who said Miss Rowland would never really make it as a club act. But suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, it seems as if this whole 'dance diva makeover' might work after all. 

Out now for download.