Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madonna hits 40....number 1's

If Mantis-arms continues at this pace, her tally of number ones will soon match her age. And that's a LOT.

Billboard's Chart Beat this week focuses solely on Madonna and her quite extraordinary feat of achieving 40...FORTY number ones on the Dance/Club Play Chart. Fittingly, the song that rounded out her total is 'Celebration,' a track off her forthcoming greatest hits that is heavily influenced by her career's greatest chart toppers. In all honesty it is quite an amazing record. That's forty individual songs that have at one time or another been the absolute biggest dance song in the entire country. So, hats (or dancing shoes or whatever) off to you, Madge....why don't you go work out or something to celebrate. You clearly have been slacking off.

Billboard's Chart Beat has a nice rundown of all Madonna's hits with dates and chart positions and all that music-nerd stuff that people like us TOTALLY get off on, so head over to their site and check it out.

Jojo has recorded a MIND BLOWING SONG that you must listen to RIGHT AWAY

This track has been knocking around on our iPod for a few weeks now and since we've run out of bad things to say re: Kanye West, it's time to throw the song to the wolves and see if you love it as much as we do.

Apparently this is a track from Jojo's upcoming album, which has been delayed and cancelled and rescheduled and cancelled again all due to some tiff between the 'artiste' and her 'label' about hairstyles or limos or retransmission licensing royalties or something. It's a mighty, mighty shame though, because this jam, called 'Forever In My Life,' is really something of a revelation. Ever since that damn 'Leave (Get Out)' crap, ScopiSat has had the knives out for Jojo, so for a tune to change our mind - and in such spectacular fashion - is quite a feat. It starts out all Christina Aguilera-warbly and you think 'oh this is going to be shit isn't it' but then a beat drops in and then the chorus happens and then a billion magical music nymphs come down from the heavens and dance around in your ears because that is what they do when a song is PROPERLY GOOD and you have drunk some cold medicine.

Amazing? Amazing.

Dolly Rockers know inside us all lives a 'Bingo Freak' (new song)

Ok so it starts out a little weird but then turns into something phenomenal and somehow quite genuine. It's a bit Lily Allen-meets-britpop working class balladry but with big hair and bigger boobs.

Is it just us or can you guys NOT WAIT for this album???