Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lets all watch the brand new Lady Gaga "Don't Give Up" video no one wanted us to see

Ages ago, presumably before Gaga ruled the world, her record company farmed her out to appear on this remake of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush's 'Don't Give Up' with something called The Midway State.  I'm sure they were all trying for some sort of hipster-lightning-in-a-bottle but instead they got.......this.  The label subsequently killed the whole thing but thanks to the magic of the interwebs here it is in all its 'glory.' 

...and that's why it was never released.

New Roisin Murphy - Come to 'Momma's Place', it's LITERALLY AMAZING

Roisin (of Moloko and solo incredibleness fame, if you don't know) has been off living her life and having babies and such, which we suppose is fine but it really is about time she got back to thinking about US.  Apparently she has, because this new single was just announced by her people and it is very very good in a way that only Roisin can be very very good.

Here is 'Momma's Place' (or Mamma's Place, depending on who you believe):


Out January 18.  Buy it.