Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyonce's new video can 'Run The World' but it can't run the charts :(

I am not Shakira.
Beyonce hasn't had very many good B'Days lately, has she?

While former bandmate Kelly Rowland continues her ascent into the ranks of pop's elite, Beyonce has stumbled on...somewhat tougher times.  Anticipation was sky-high for the lead single from her new album '4,' which often leads to disappointment.  Especially when the single turns out to be a steaming heap of rabbit poo.

After landing with a resounding thud at #33 in the US and #18 in the UK, the video was delayed.  And then delayed again.  And then everyone forgot about it for a while and went out for a nice meal, and then they delayed it one more time.  But hark!  The day has arrived, o remaining three people who care!

Apparently determined to beat the apocalypse by AT LEAST ONE DAY, Beyonce has deigned to finally chuck the 'Girls' video onto the interwebs for all to see in its Pepsi-commercial-looking glory. 

It's epic, it's well done, she is "fierce" and "werk"-ing in it.  In fact, it's a very good video, if a little overblown (thanks, Lady Gaga for creating a world where EVERYTHING MUST BE A RIDICULOUS SPECTACULAR), but it's just such a shame that the song is so absolutely terrible.