Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The next big thing is here, and her name is Kimberly Nichole - watch now!

Miss Nichole burps the alphabet
In this world where "the next big thing" is already old by the time it shows up on the interwebs, it's refreshing to come across a truly underground (seriously, this video is from a basement somewhere in Atlanta) talent poised to burst like a glittery, self-assured firecracker onto the scene.  Her name is Kimberly Nichole, and she's kind of (read: actually) amazing.

She's Janelle Monae with more of an edge, and rocks outlandish fashion that, unlike Gaga's, is entirely eccentric while completely wearable.  Poised to be one of the big splashes in 2011, she's been written up by MTV, BET, the Washington Post, and even receives a rave review in December's Vogue.  And it's probably good that everyone seems to have generally positive things about the young starlet, as we get the distinct feeling that she would have little to no problem "cutting a bitch."

Check out her live cover of 'Crazy,' and tell us you're not just a little bit excited about what the future holds: