Monday, March 8, 2010

The Gaga/Beyonce collaboration 'Telephone' video gets a release date - watch the advert now!

We know guys, it's not out yet. We're sad too. But never fear - an ad just aired that confirms the 'Telephone' premiere will indeed occur on Thursday on E! Entertainment TV. Rejoice. Apparently the video will debut online at some point before or close to the TV premiere. Rejoice doubly.

Listen to the NEW GOLDFRAPP ALBUM now!

We've still got two weeks to go before Goldfrapp's 'Head First' hits retail, but you, dear viewers, can preview the whole thing right here, right now.  And by 'whole thing' we really mean little snippets of each song oddly edited and chucked on a widget.  Still it's quite good and we recommend taking a quick listen.  

Out in only TWO WEEKS and we are VERY EXCITED