Thursday, July 21, 2011

A ScopiPology - the Sugababes thing might actually be amazing

Do not play well with others.
Sometimes even we here at ScopiSat Manor make mistakes.  And when that happens we are the first (read: the absolute last) to publicly admit it.

A few weeks ago, when that weird Nokia advert with a clip of the new Sugababes single splattered all over it debuted, we mired ourselves in the firm opinion that the band was "over" and that everything anywhere having anything to do with them would be utter, utter crap.

And then we got schooled, ladies and gentlemen.  A new clip of the forthcoming (in September, which may as well be 2014 in pop-land, but whatever) single has showed up on the interwebs and we're a bit taken aback at just how good it is.  It's certainly not groundbreaking - it's kind of a post-Gaga, midtempo dancefloor thing just like dozens of other acts are churning out by the handful - but the execution seems to be pretty flawless.

At this point in the Sugababes career - and we're speaking of the band, not the individuals, since the group has been through more lineup changes than Xtina has been through KFC family-sized buckets (Ed: WTH. Delete.), maybe this is just what they need.  It's something that's not going to rock the boat, but will remind everyone that this is the band that once gave us the by-the-numbers-but-still-mindblowingly-good tracks 'Hole In The Head,' 'Push The Button,' and 'About You Now.'  Because the band, in whatever incarnation, did give us those.  And for that they deserve some gaddamned respect.

Sugababes - Freedom by sugababesdaily