Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Liza Minnelli shows those young tykes how it's done - watch a brilliantly edited video for her 'Single Ladies' Sex and the City II Soundtrack contribution

Ok hold on, pop readers, because it's about to get really "old school nancy boy" in here...

For all you casual pop fans, the young, and the straight, The Big Gay Book of Pop History goes something like this:

Before there was Madonna.  Before there was Debbie Harry.  Before there was Kylie, or Britney, or yes, even Beyonce....there was a woman named Judy.   She was amazing and did the best movies and hottest music and the most powerful, trendiest drugs.  Then she died and in response all the gays rioted at a bar in New York City and turned her daughter Liza into a LIVING CORPSE LEGEND.

Yes, before all the divas that the pop world worships nowadays were even soiling their diapers, little lady Liza was vomiting up quaaludes in a Studio 54 VIP bathroom.

Liza did all sorts of things - most of them with a 'z' - and was generally very good if you like that sort of thing.  Which we don't really, besides the passing HBO special or PBS retrospective, but that's neither here nor there.  Like her or not, she churned out a quality product.  In fact, she is the proud owner of the acting trifecta: an Oscar, Emmy and Tony.  She kind of went off the rails a bit for a while, but then returned with a genius turn on TV's 'Arrested Development.'  And all the while, she's been singing and dancing her hips right out of their sockets. 

Well, as if to show all us young whippersnappers that she can take ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and give it jazz hands, sequins, a gay husband and a pill problem, Liza has taken the Sex and the City II soundtrack and made it truly her own.  Leona Lewis duet with Jennifer Hudson?  Meh.  Brand new Dido?  Who cares.  Alicia Keys singing Blondie?  Big deal - Liza is doing 'Single Ladies'!

No matter how many times this track has been run into the ground with remakes and parodies and teenage boys in lycra onesies dancing to it on the Bonnie Hunt show, there's something purely genius about this track.  Add to it someone's LITERALLY BRILLIANT montage video they've done for it, and well.....see for yourself:

Sure, she's clearly white-knuckling it the whole time, and the backing track sounds like the 'demo' feature on a Casio keyboard they only sell in Eastern Europe, but look us in the eye and tell us this didn't totally make your day.  You can't can you?  No, we didn't think so.