Sunday, January 31, 2010

This video is EPIC and anyone who is not an enemy of pop must watch it immediately (video)

Ok so the fad of re-doing Rihanna's 'Umbrella' in a variety of different genres has certainly peaked and plummeted into the bowels of Youtube mediocrity,  but when we stumbled across this there was something absolutely enrapturing about it.  The 'it' in question is a video by a group of three young men called The Baseballs, and despite the impression the video gives, they did not live in the early 1960's.  No, they are, in fact, alive today, and still making music.  Other people's music, yes, but music just the same.  In any case, it's amazing and demands to be watched. 


Florence and the Machine are 'Hurricane Drunk' in new video - watch now!

Florence is a machine, chucking out tracks off the album 'Lungs' (see what we did there...), and for the sixth single we get 'Hurricane Drunk.' 

We'd say something about how unnecessary a sixth single is, but clearly the label is doing something right.  Just a couple weeks ago, 'Lungs' hit number 1 on the album chart after a bazillion weeks in release.  In any case, here's another ginger dancing around in strange outfits:

The single is out in March in the UK