Monday, August 10, 2009

Calvin Harris has a new single out sometime

ScopiSat is still a little confused about when it's out though... and the video certainly isn't any help is it...

Out now on Sony BMG

Update: at first it sounded a bit crap but it gets better if you stick with it

Sign of the Apocalypse #3

Another 'one to watch' that is actually worth watching

This is Ellie Goulding. She is an 'artist' that has been touted on 'the blogs' for quite some time and is ramping up to actually release some music that the masses can purchase. I think we are all in agreement that she is very very good.

Yes? Yes.

A preview of Natalie's 'Want' makes us Want it much, much more

Apparently ScopiSat wildly misjudged the Natalie Imbruglia comeback bus because if this new radio rip is anything to go by, the bus is going to crush anything and everything in the way and will wind up parked in the AMAZING space at the depot.

'Want' is out September 28 on Malabar Records.