Saturday, September 5, 2009

Listen to Leona Lewis' leaked new single 'Happy'

And it is very very good. Let us say that again. It is not bad. It is not average. It is not good. It is VERY VERY GOOD. It's like her people realized her cover of 'Run' was the best thing that ever happened to pop and then had Ryan Tedder write her another 'Run' that is better because it has never been done by Snow Patrol but worse because it is not ACTUALLY 'Run.' Essentially it is just what a 'second album lead single' from Leona Lewis should sound like.

Out Sept 15 on J Records

La Roux is not your toy in their new video

La Roux is finally putting out a single ScopiSat can get on board with. It has proper verses and choruses and doesn't involve ear-splitting wails during either. Well done. The video is also quite good and fun and has lots of cool elements like glasses and old men but it's Saturday and we're too lazy to write a proper review so you can watch and talk amongst yourselves about it.

Out the 28th of September on Polydor

It's Scopitone Saturday!!

This week, Joi Lansing once again supplies us with a delightfully wholesome Scopitone. From the opening 'I mean business and that business is SEX' walk to the flesh colored 'I mean fun and that fun is SEX' one-piece, Joi shows us that EVEN BUSTY BLONDES can be sexy.