Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's all watch Florence (and her Machine) sing her new single on X Factor UK

I am a triangle with a head.
So last night Florence Welch, of Florence And The Machine, had what people generally call a VERY GOOD EVENING.  First came word that her new album 'Ceremonials' had mounted the summit of the UK album charts, like a hooker mounting a (Ed.: STOP IT RIGHT NOW) and then the ginger genius took the stage to perform her single 'Shake It Out' on the biggest show in the British Isles.  

In typically understated fashion (sarcasm!) Flo-Wo begins all demure and quiet, and then the camera pans out and a huge dress train carried by her minions starts flapping about while a church choir sings, because OF COURSE.  

Really the best part of the whole thing is Florence, though, and her undeniable vocal prowess.  None of her songs are particularly easy to sing, but she consistently pulls them off with a flair that most pop strumpets would kill for.  Sure, she doesn't dance around, and she's not going to glitter bomb the audience or nip-slip her way into a tabloid, but as grown-up, down-to-earth female chart acts go, she's certainly one of the best. 

Though, if we're entirely honest, if one of these days Flo wants to strip down and vogue a bit to a discowhistle donkfest, we would not object in the least.  But until then, here's 'Shake It Out':

"Well done."