Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The new Kelly Rowland sounds like the old Kelly Rowland but better - listen to the premiere of 'Lay It On Me' now!

I've got my eye on you, B.

So today the debut single from much-lauded X-Factor runner-up Cher Lloyd hit the internet, and we were all set to talk about it except it's a bit crap. So instead we're going to talk about something a lot less crap and a lot more Kelly.

Rowland, to be precise. She continues her reign of the clubs over in Europe, of course, but Stateside her handlers have insisted on taking the "urban" route. To be fair, it's a route that has worked so far, as her last single 'Motivation,' outperformed former bandmate Beyonce's 'Run The World (Girls)' by quite a margin.

Following on from her BIG AMERICAN COMEBACK, Kelly has now chucked out a tune called 'Lay It On Me,' and though it continues the urban vibe set by her last single, 'Lay' is thankfully a little more pop. It features Big Sean (yeah, we don't know either) and is considerably less crap than many of the songs currently troubling the radio dial.

Apparently there's an album coming sometime soon, and with songs like this we're starting to very much look forward to it.

Bring it, K-Ro.