Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The brand new Kylie video in full

Literally amazing.

Update: it is clearly only amazing because it is new Kylie. If this was Cheryl Cole's new song it would be a heaping pile of dog shit. But it is new Kylie. So it is LITERALLY AMAZING.

Asbury gays see your Miley and raise you a Whitney in 'Million Dollar Bill' video

It was bound to happen. We all knew it would. In fact we're a little surprised it didn't happen earlier. The knockoffs of the brilliant 'Party in the FIP' have begun, and first up is Whitney's 'Million Dollar Bill.' This time the scene is Asbury Park, the gay mecca of......New Jersey. It's derivative and contrived. It's got attitude but no class. It's queenier, bitchier and way lower budget. So that's about right for a Whitney project then isn't it...

After what the FIP video did for Miley in the gay world (it's blaring off every well-appointed rooftop in NYC this summer), do you think 'Million Dollar Bill' is set for the same gay-jam status?

Sugababes know About A Girl...listen to their new single

There's nothing like coming off a crap single to light a fire under a girlgroup's ass, is there? With 'About A Girl' the 'Babes have gone all RedOne and dancy and AMAZING. With 'Get Sexy' body-checked into the number 2 spot this past weekend the girls have all the more reason to abandon the American R&B schlock and get back to what they do best. Welcome back girls. We missed you.

Out in November on Island