Sunday, April 18, 2010

Robyn does some 'Fembots' on tv - watch the video now!

The Robyn PR machine is in full swing, with new album 'Body Talk Pt I' out June 14.  Ahead of its release there are a few buzz tracks floating out in the interwebs.  One of the best is 'Fembots,' which the Swedish songstress performed live on some nordic TV show the other day.  I think we can all agree it is very good.  

Some highlights:


The end.

The album, the first of three (!!), will be released June 14 (15 in the USA).  No word yet on the release of the other 2, but they're slated for 2010 as well.  The first official single is 'Dancing On My Own,' but that isn't out until June 7.  Look for a video and some performances of that jam coming up soon.