Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who wants to see Mariah Carey giving a speech WASTED? (video)

Mimi's been having a pretty alright year, all things considered - showing all the popstar-to-actor wannabes how it's done with a role in Precious, and....well ok, that's about the only thing that's gone right this year for her, but still - so who can blame her for celebrating a little.  Well here she is celebrating a LOT at an awards show while receiving a best supporting actress award for her work.  

Mess.  Now let's watch again.

Toni Braxton's "Yesterday" and rehearsal interview @ SoundCheck - watch now!

So Toni hasn't been the luckiest artist  -  she was famously bankrupt a while back and has had some health problems - but she's making another run at it with a whole new album and promo tour.  To kick things off here's Toni talking about the project and wearing some sexy outfits at Wal-Mart's SoundCheck.   

My, that's a husky voice isn't it...