Friday, October 30, 2009

Snoop Dogg gets some 'Gangsta Luv' - watch the video now

If you're not in the Dogg Pound, you might not be aware that Snoop is back and better than ever. Don't worry, we just found out today. Comeback track 'Gangsta Luv' is a by-the-numbers rap tune with a nice hook and a bit of a throwback vibe. The video is pretty entertaining, and while not groundbreaking, at least it keeps the greenscreen operators in business.

Snoop Dogg on MUZU.

What do you all think, dear readers? Will you be buying what the Dogg is selling?

Britney finally shows us her '3' - watch the entire video now

Britney's US chart-topper (and, one would imagine, soon to be international smash) '3' finally gets a video and anyone hoping for a Spears sex-fest will be sorely disappointed. But if you're a fan of hooker-pole dancing and quick edits that manage to not show Brit doing more than one move at a time, you'll be quite pleased.

Still a good jam, and at this point the video is just window dressing. So we're totally on board with the vid.

Out now in the US and out Nov 9 in the UK

Janet Jackson has a new song out and we totally didn't notice - listen now

Ok so this is actually already out on iTunes in the US, so we totally missed the America boat. Considering it's now a month on from its release, so did everyone else. However, JJ is gearing up to chuck it out in the UK next month, so lets give it another listen shall we?

Well that was about 1/3 of a great song and a whole lot of filler.

Out now in the US, Out Nov 23 on Polydor in the UK