Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adam Levine is naked and Xtina is in a floppy hat in the 'Moves Like Jagger' video - watch the premiere now!

FINALLY, right?  They teased this thing like, last year or something, it seems like.  We totally understand it takes time to put a video together, especially with Adam off at the gym all the time and Christina busy taste-testing every item in her local supermarket bakery section, but COME ON.

Our personal impatience aside, though, the record execs upstairs clearly know what they're doing.  The song has sat at #1 on iTunes for a good many days now, and this might be the extra bump the song needs to stick around. 

Clearly the execs knew their visual strengths going into this too.  Ten years ago a video for this track would have been easy - just stick an underage Xtina in a bikini and make her dance like a stripper for a few minutes.  But this is 2011, and Xtina is.... "healthier," and the gays buy all the records.  So the suits had some meetings, talked it all out, stripped down Adam Levine in front of a camera and DID WHAT THEY NEEDED TO DO. 

And for that we will be eternally grateful.

The video is actually pretty interesting aside from Adam's peen pointers, too.  It has dancing!  It has Mick Jagger impersonators!  The ACTUAL Mick Jagger!  Xtina standing in front of a microphone!  And Adam effing Levine in a state of significant undress.

Well played.  Well played indeed.