Thursday, August 27, 2009

Party in the USgAy

Since Miley has yet to grace us with an official video for her inexcusable 'Party In The USA,' some gays with too much time on their hands have made one for us. Is it us or are the production values shockingly good? The thing that strikes us the most, though, is that this clip, by a gaggle of hot young gays on a bender in Fire Island Pines, will inevitably turn out to be more wholesome than the official video starring a high school girl that will be plastered all over the Disney Channel.


Music Go Music are Warm in the Shadows

It's disco. It's indie. It's pop. It's what ABBA would sound like if they got back together, moved to LA and did some drugs.

Out on 12" now. There's an edit planned, but you never know what will pan out with a band that met at a party hosted by something called 'The Condor'