Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here is Kylie debuting her new "orchestral sound" on Australian X-Factor

I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty.
If last night you heard a collective gay gasp of diva worship coming from the southern hemisphere, this is probably why.  Last night, Kylie debuted her new, much talked-about "orchestral sound" on Australian X-Factor, in the form of an acoustic remake of the hit that made her a star - 'I Should Be So Lucky.' 

The whole setup suited K-Mo RATHER WELL, and showcased her voice in spectacular fashion.  She was rocking some sort of grandma nightie (because of course) but totally pulled it off (because OF COURSE) and has rarely looked better.

It's a terrific teaser of what we can expect when her full-on orchestral album drops next year (though, Miss Minogue, please take note that we will insist on a remix package that includes a number of disco whistles and at least one poppers-scented donk).  Indeed, the only downside is that she's done this track in acoustic form a number (read: A VERY LARGE NUMBER) of times.  It's essentially the same arrangement she has been flogging on tour for the last few years, and she's sung the same version almost note for note on a couple tv shows as well.  But, TBF, when something is this mindblowingly brilliant, why not run it into the ground?

We're certainly not complaining.