Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Kylie kind of weekend - listen to the full version of the brand new track 'Silence' now!

'I think I got some Ke$ha in my teeth'

Well we're just getting spoiled now - not only have some spectacular mixes of new single 'Put Your Hands Up' leaked, but now we can hear the complete version of the B-side.  It's a new track called 'Silence' and it is RATHER BRILLIANT.

It's considerably darker sounding than K-Mo's 'Aphrodite' LP, which may be why it was rejected from the final track listing.  While it's still a FULL ON DANCE FLOOR CORKER, it's a good deal less sparkly and glittery.  It replaces the sunshine and unicorns of the album with a menacing and more organic vibe, and features the slightly genius pop lyric 'I understand you in the silence so there is no need to say a word; It feels so right you can't deny it, the best is what you haven't heard.'