Monday, August 3, 2009

If you can still hear with all that buzz, have a listen to the new Kid Sister track

The album is finally out in October, but until then the interwebs are all abuzz with the dance-hop stylings of one 'Kid Sister.' It's shown up on all 'the blogs' and is one of NME's '10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week' so there's really not a lot more that needs to be said. Good job, can't wait for the album etc etc

Peter Andre reminds us that before he married Jordan he sang crap songs

And to do so he has released another one. All self-referential and 'introspective' (in that way that something written by someone else can be introspective), it features GIRLS and GIRLS IN 80'S GLASSES and that is really about all we can say about the whole thing... Except at least he didn't write a book.

Ke$ha has Twittered about a new song and it is AMAZING

See above.

Daniel Merriweather says 'oh' a lot and puts out a new video for 'Impossible'

Ronson protégé Daniel Merriweather does the 'impossible' (see what we did there) and delivers a nicely effects-laden and stylistic video to go with a really quite listenable song. Here's the video out August 17 on Allido.