Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Listen to Madonna's new full leaked track 'Revolver' ft Lil Wayne

A new Madonna song has surfaced and it is both crap and amazing. It is amazing because it is Madonna but sounds like Britney or Rihanna without being terribly unoriginal. It is crap because...well because of Lil Wayne. As a whole the track is overwrought, overproduced, and nothing we haven't heard before. But somehow (read: because it is Madonna and she's had some practice at this sort of thing) it ultimately ends up a fantastic anthem that is literally begging to be a single.

'Revolver' features on Madonna's new greatest hits, out Sept 29

Kanye West Apology Generator (Create Your Own Kanye Apology)

This has to be one of the best things to come of the internet since we were told to leave Britney alone. It is timely. It is on the nose. It is harsh but deserved. It is AMAZING. Click here to create your own all-caps, half gibberish, overly punctuated apology with the help of some mad-libs style text entry boxes.

Literally amazing.

The new Alicia Keys track is not bad is it

If you get over the whole 'whiney foghorn' thing it's really pretty good.

'Doesn't Mean Anything' goes to radio Sept 29