Sunday, September 19, 2010

A rational discussion about Cheryl Cole's 'Promise This' video premiere


Ok for real though.  It's super nice to see Cheryl ditch the faux-urban mess of the last album and embrace the pure pop cultivated by her stint with Girls Aloud.  If there's one thing history has taught us, it's that pop artists should never, ever go "street" to try to stay relevant (we're looking at you, Ricky Martin's 'I Don't Care') and Cheryl, thankfully, looks to be sidestepping that pit of despair and chart humiliation.

After an epic bout with Malaria that essentially stalled her career in its tracks for a few months, Cheryl needed a smash and it looks like she may have turned one out.  'Promise This' is the rare pop record that is literally QUITE WEIRD but also VERY AMAZING at the same time, and the video mimics that odd but glorious energy.  It's a sort of 90's-dancing-meets-ballet-and-high-fashion-at-an-art-school-student-showcase affair, but against all the odds, it actually works.

With Cheryl set to be a judge the forthcoming American version of 'X Factor' (you know, because she has lots of experience being SUPER SUCCESSFUL in America), things certainly are looking up after the wobbly start of her debut solo album.  Not commercially, of course - it was by all accounts a huge smash - but the whole project was ridiculously divisive amongst critics, 'the blogs' and, most importantly, the fans.  This time around, though, looks like this is one 'Promise' Cheryl can keep.  (Yes.  See what we did there?)

'Promise This' is out Oct. 24, followed by her album 'Messy Little Raindrops' Nov. 1 in the UK.  A US release is set to follow (HRNK!!!)