Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kelly Rowland's 'Rose Colored Glasses' finally gets a VERY GOOD video - watch the premiere now!

Let's talk for a second about Kelly Rowland (pictured above being "fierce").  Doesn't it feel like ages since Kelly's 'Rose Colored Glasses' got sort-of-but-not-really released in the U.S.?  It should, because it HAS BEEN.  It has been out for download since June (!!) but is just now getting a video for some reason.  Let's take a look at the things that have happened since then:

1.  The war in Iraq ended*
2.  ScopiSat got a total of 5 hair cuts and found 2 gray hairs
3.  Lindsay Lohan went to jail and then got out again
4.  'Inception' made $300 million dollars

    * - but not really

Also, in that time, 'Rose Colored Glasses' was played about 12 times on the radio and sold about 6 copies, giving it a not-so-healthy play/sales ratio of 2:1.  So what's a Destiny's Child member who isn't Beyonce to do?  Throw money at the problem, of course.  And what better way to do that than hiring a VERY BIG director and some top-notch makeup people?   

Shot by Rankin - the man behind one of our favorite videos of the last year, Sky Ferreira's 'One' - 'Rose' is all HIGH FASHION and BOOBS and BIRDS FOR SOME REASON and therefore is GOOD.  (On a side note, white birds seem to be very 'in' this year, what with Kylie's 'All The Lovers' etc.)  It may be a coincidence the clip is premiering during Fashion Week, but regardless, it's very appropriate timing.  Kelly looks incredible and seems to be coming into her own as far as her image is concerned.

 Good job, K-Ro.  

PS the video is in 3D for some reason.