Friday, July 9, 2010

Brandon Flowers is caught in the 'Crossfire' - watch the video premiere now!

Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers' solo project is going full steam ahead, and it's shaping up to be rather nice indeed, if lead single 'Crossfire' is anything to go by.  It's not going to change the pop landscape by any means, but - like so much of the Killers' catalog - it's got a certain polish and quality that music just doesn't often have anymore.  

For the video, Flowers has gone the "epic Hollywood" route, calling on no less than Charlize Theron to pull star duty.  While Brandon is tied up, tortured and otherwise bullied, Char busts in like a less hot but more sane Angelina Jolie and saves his ass.  To be fair, we'd save it too.  I mean, look at it.  Come on.

The album "Flamingo" is out Sept 14 in the US and the 6th of Sept in the UK