Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kelis shows Jimmy Kimmel her 'Acapella' live - watch now!

Kelis' new track has been banging around for months now, but it seems that all her efforts (ie showing up at a club or two) have paid off, as she finally gets to hear MUSIC LEGEND JIMMY KIMMEL say that she has a "number one dance single."  *confetti*

Then she performs.  And it is good.  But we can't help fearing that this single performance may usher back in the era of happy-hardcore and glowsticks and lasers and neon and ecstasy and candy necklaces (necklaci?) that was SO GOOD when it happened the first time but SO BAD the morning after and EVEN WORSE each and every morning after that. 

Aside from being hellbent on ushering in a pop culture era of doom, Kelis has turned into quite the little performer, hasn't she?