Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Robyn's 'Time Machine' is set to take over the world - listen to the premiere now!

We were discussing Robyn with one of our friends today, and the conversation went something like this:

Friend:  How is Robyn not bigger than Ke$ha?

ScopiSat:  Totes - her teeth are jacked but at least she showers.


Well, if Robyn's brand new track 'Time Machine' doesn't finally put The Unwashed One in her place once and for all, nothing will, because it's pretty effing brilliant.

Robyn first burst onto the global pop scene with Max Martin-penned jams like 'Show Me Love' and 'Do You Know (What It Takes)' all the way back in 1995.  And just in case you wanted our opinion on those, it is summed up by a word that starts with A and ends with G and is AMAZING. 

Now, 14 (FOURTEEN) years later, Robyn has come full circle and has teamed up with Max Martin again.  Martin has found the kind of longevity, hits, and success that most songwriters only dream of, and Robyn's renaissance has been nothing less than spectacular, so you'll forgive us if we expected quite a lot out of their new collaboration.  In fact, this pairing seems like a Paula Deen butter-covered recipe for disaster, simply because pop fans' expectations will surely be high, but at times like these all we can really do is sit back, hit play, and pray for the best.

And THAT, ScopiSubjects, is how you do a pop song.

This LITERALLY EPIC tune is out on Robyn's 'Body Talk' LP on Nov 22 and is slated to be a North American single soon.