Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Katy Perry shows us her 'California Gurrls' in new video - watch the premiere now!

Ah, always classy, this one... True to form, Katy's got all sorts of debauchery and nonsense up in her new video.  There are COLORS and BOOBS and COLORFUL BOOBS and Jell-o for some reason.

It's actually quite fun, and matches the unapologetically pop sound of the track perfectly.  It's also one of the few songs we don't mind having a completely pointless rap on.  Somehow the whole thing just....works.

Out now in the US and from June 21 in the UK.

Kylie Update: 'All The Lovers' charts and a new movie role!

 So 'All The Lovers' has finally rolled as a single-track digital download out in almost every territory, and the results are looking pretty solid.  It currently sits at #3 on UK iTunes, behind only the World Cup themes (notorious for selling bucketloads and then diving off the charts altogether) and #141 on US iTunes.  That last number might sound a little disappointing, but the track was only released a few hours ago, and considering that #140-1 are all Glee it's probably not a terrible result.  Most of the interest in the U.S. will likely come when the remixes are released in a couple weeks, and might be boosted by the upcoming North American album promotion she has hinted at.

Just in case you've forgotten, here's the video ONE MORE TIME:

In other news, Kylie recently revealed that she is not only considering returning to the big screen, but is actively deciding between roles that have been offered.  Let's just hope she's not considering 'Bio-Dome 2'.  Read all about it here.