Monday, August 17, 2009

Hadouken! go M.A.D.

Leeds electronica outfit Hadouken! have a new EP coming out on Sept 14 in the UK, and to celebrate they've given us a mouse on a bender. This video is good for people who:

1. Enjoy participating in drunken benders and/or watching people on drunken benders

2. Hate mice

3. Like mice

4. Like a nice elect-rap-ica (yes, we just made that up) tune

5. Are the family of a Hadouken! member and need to have something to talk about with said relative at Sunday dinner, ie 'oh I saw that lovely video you did with the shop-owner-killing rat' etc.

Hadouken! - M.A.D

Peter Andre challenges Robbie

Peter Andre has set his sights on a career like that of Elton, Rod Stewart and yes even Robbie Williams. After his very public split with Jordan/Katie Price, he has thrown himself into recording a new album and is set to release it around the same time as Robbie as well. Could we see a chart battle? And what do you think, dear readers - who would win out?

The world needs more Menya

ScopiSat loves a good unsigned band, and quirky New York City Bowery/Lower East Side/Hipster-eschewing-but-still-kind-of-hipster trio Menya certainly fit the bill.

Their Myspace is quite fun and you can check out pics of the very good-looking kids in the band - especially the 'beat man' Good Goose. Go there.