Thursday, March 4, 2010

Goldfrapp has a 'Rocket' in new video - watch now!

Apparently purple neon is all the rage in music videos this season...first Estelle rocked out a violet hue, and now Goldfrapp have splattered some all over their new clip.  As for the plot of 'Rocket' there is a WOMAN and a MAN and a ROCKET that looks a bit like a wang. 

While 'Rocket' isn't their strongest song, or video for that matter, it's great to see Goldfrapp return to a more upbeat  sound.  Don't get us wrong - 'A&E' was brilliant, but the duo are at their best when the balls are to the wall. 


GOLDFRAPP | MySpace Music Videos

The single is out March 8 but is available in some countries now on iTunes