Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christina Aguilera finally unveils 'Not Myself Tonight' - listen to the song premiere now!

It's 'Sexyback' - lite.  It's 'Dirrty' but a little cleaner.  It's the new Christina Aguilera track on which we've been waiting for about a year now.  There was a whole countdown thing on her website that ended up ticking down the minutes until we were given....a picture of Christina Aguilera with a tail.  Then there was another countdown to something else irrelevant and now FINALLY there is this.  Was it worth the wait?  We're inclined to say no - not out of pessimism or some sort of retaliation for the tedious countdown, but because it just isn't one of her best songs.  The verses are a little weird, the chorus isn't particularly catchy, and as we alluded to before, the backing track is a 'Sexyback' ripoff.  There's a cool bit where the producer did a jumpy thing with her voice though.  It occurs at the exact 2:00 mark and is a tiny bit brilliant. 

The album is out June 8.