Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Will Young comeback single is already a contender for best pop single of the year - listen to the premiere now

Alright, where are the balls then...
Will Young has seen the music industry from just about every angle in his ten years on the scene.  He won the first Pop Idol over in the UK, long before American Idol even existed, and arguably was the first poster child of the reality-show driven music world we currently live in.  That fact makes him either a villain or a hero, or an unsuspecting pawn in a game no one could have expected to go on so long, but really that's neither here nor there because IT HAS HAPPENED and we just have to deal with the fact that millions of people tried to make Ruben Studdard a star.

Anyhoodle, Will was instantly huge, only to be famously overshadowed by the runner up of the show, Gareth Gates, after a few months.  But while taking a back seat to Mr. Gates and his ridiculous dimples for a couple singles, William was busy penning what would go on to be one of the defining British albums of the noughties. He cranked out singles like 'Leave Right Now' and 'Your Game,' winning accolades and - surprisingly - artistic credibility along the way. Suddenly WiYo was back on top and a bona fide superstar.

Over the next few years Will came out as a gay man (to the shock of everyone no one), and chucked out some of the finest tunes to have graced the radio waves.  Then all of a sudden he wasn't really popular anymore because his songs weren't that catchy, and then he did a video about getting pregnant and everything got kind of awkward.  Which is where we are now.

Suffice it to say, Will's been up and down and has SEEN SOME THINGS in his time in "the business," but all that experience looks to have paid off as he gears up for his big, spectacular comeback.

It kicks off with brand new single 'Jealousy,' which at first listen is a huge departure from Young's earlier adult contemporary-ish output, but is actually just an electro'd up version of the melodic pop he's always done.  It's simple yet perfectly executed, understated yet moving, and most importantly, is VERY VERY GOOD.

The single got its first play on Monday and is already being hailed by "the blogs" and also people who read "the blogs" so you know it's the real deal.  But if you have any doubt, why don't you all just take a listen for yourself:

We told you.