Monday, November 2, 2009

Aqua is back - watch the video to 'My Mama Said' now!

Apparently there is some big 'people having dinner' movement among music video directors (see yesterday's Stefanie Heinzmann post).  The latest evidence comes from Aqua's new video to accompany their forthcoming greatest hits package, and we'll warn you, readers... it is.......Euro.  It all starts off well, and you might even think to yourself, as we did, 'wow this is actually coming off rather classy and credible - Aqua might just return to relevance.'  And then the guy who we'll always think of as 'Ken' starts speak-singing and the whole thing turns and any semblance of legitimacy is lost except for in a tiny corner of Europe where they like this sort of thing. 

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5/10 but only because the beginning is quite nice.  The Aqua greatest hits album is out next year but we'll probably just stick to playing our 'My Oh My' single over and over and reliving our late teens.