Friday, August 7, 2009

a ROBOT that makes MUSIC

As the headline indicates this post is about a ROBOT that makes MUSIC. Its name (as robots tend to eschew gendered identities) is the VX-323 and it is AMAZING, not only because it is a robot that makes music but because the music is also very good. It is often best to let artists describe themselves, so here's the 'About Me' from VX's Myspace: "I am the VX-323: singer, songwriter, musician. My main function is as a speech synthesizer. I speak many languages in many voices, and can keep a beat. My interests and passions are many and varied - including electronic device/robot rights issues, technology, and the FUTURE. Although a serious artist, I am not too serious to appreciate the bling, DC devices, and high energy charges I will get when I become famous. "


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